Corona Chronicles: 04/18/21

I miss Sunday Funday. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a Sunday Funday. But in theory, it sounds nice.

I slept in today. That was a mistake. I should have gotten up at 5:45 when my alarm went off. I would have been okay, if I hadn’t gotten up at 7:00, when my husband’s alarm went off, but at 8:00am, I was still in the bed…and I know better.

By the time I was up and moving, so was the baby. Of course, that slowed me down, and she was very upset that she couldn’t go with me. I missed my first two online worship services. That usually is a bad sign.

Anyway, since we’re talking about the baby, it was time to wash her hair today. In anticipation of her usual antics, I started preparing her before I even left the house this morning. Well, by the time I finally coaxed her into the tub, the child had hid every bottle of shampoo in the house, along with all the combs. So if you see her hair looking crazy tomorrow, blame her not me. I’m mad because all the hair creams are missing, and I need to wash my hair as well. Guess we’ll look crazy together.

I need to do the big kid’s hair, too. I’m not sure I have seen her hair all week. I don’t know if she ever took off her bonnet. I’m not mad at her. If I could, I’d probably stick mine in a bonnet, too.

My son said he wanted to grow an Afro like mine. My husband reminded him that he does not know how to care for his hair, which is why we keep it cut. I reminded my husband that none of us know how to care for our hair, including me. So if you see me with a fresh shave, or my son with an Afro, you know why.

That’s it. I’m tired, and I have to get up in the morning and makes adjustments to crooked puffballs, and figure out how to tame the troll hair that is currently protruding from my scalp.

Good night!

Corona Chronicles 04/17/21

I think Saturdays are my favorite day of the week I keep my commitments to a minimum, and I push whatever I don’t get done to the following day. What’s not to love.

Anyway, I woke up with a terrible headache. I decided to try to walk it off, only to find myself very dizzy, and afraid to bend over, for fear of falling over,or vomiting. So I took a couple of ibuprofen and climbed right back in the bed.

This gave the littlest Radford an opportunity practice her doctoring skills.. she spent some time poking me, and pretending to take my temperature. She gave me a diagnosis. I think doctor is somewhere on the list of things she would like to be when she grows up.

The boy went back and forth between doing homework, and being mad about doing homework. He has so much to do,that I think we might not ever catch up. But we are going to spend the rest of this weekend, at least trying.

Because I injured my hand yesterday, the kids had to f doo a lot of the cleaning. The big kid got to do the dishes. She was not happy. Maybe this will inspire her to not horde cups on her room for days at at a time.
Anyway,it’s after midnight and I should have been asleep hours ago.
Good night.

Corona Chronicles: 04/16/21

Today was a better day. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a good day. But I wouldn’t dare call it a bad day either, especially after yesterday’s experience.

I was a little late for work, but at this point, that doesn’t even register as a bad thing. Luckily, it was a quiet day. I got to catch up with a co-worker I hadn’t talk to in a while. We briefly commiserated about home schooling. It felt good hearing another parent say that this virtual learning environment was a test of faith. I felt so much better about life.

So today, the little one was beat-boxing, in nothing but a tank top and socks. She told me a story about her teacher using tally marks to teach them to count. My brilliant kindergartner asked her if that’s what prisoners use on their walls to count the time. I have no idea what that kid has been watching after I go to sleep, but I think I might need to start staying up a little later.

The big kid had the nerve to ask me if she could go hang out with her friends to play Dungeons and Dragons. The answer is definitely no. With several positive cases at her school, I don’t feel comfortable allowing her to visit her friends right now. At least one kid in the group has already been told to quarantine. They have to call him on the phone in order to play. I told them that since they have to call that kid, they can call her, too.

The boy will be doing homework all weekend again. I don’t know that he will ever get his video games back.

So other than burning the crap out of myself this morning, today was a vast improvement. I’m going to bed with a headache, but not feeling like a complete an utter failure. Like I said, a vast improvement!

Have a good night.

Corona Chronicle: 04/15/21

I had a bad day. There were tears. I tried to wipe those away. Then there were sobs… and that was before I had received several bad news reports.

So here’s the honest to God truth. This is hard. Yes, we play games, and do silly challenges. But trying to manage three kids’ schedules, and trying to keep up with my own work is difficult. It all hit me pretty hard today.

Here’s what lead to my tears. My son never went to his first class. My daughter was so late for class that she was counted absent. In the meantime, I clocked into work at 6:00. I Straightened up both their work areas, and charged their technology. I started cooking breakfast. And these two couldn’t bother to wash their faces and brush their teeth. It was beyond frustrating.

Apparently it takes a mommy meltdown for my kids to clean up. Perhaps, I should have them more often. The big kid suggested I get therapy. She said I shouldn’t bottle my feelings up. I told her that I’m comfortable with my bottle.

Anyway, I ended the day learning that one my daughter’s closest friends has possibly been exposed to COVID-19, that my mom is having a bad day, and that one of our church babies passed away.(They are still babies to me. I don’t care how grown they are.) My heart is broken for the entire family.

So yeah. It was a tough day. I’m going to bed.

Corona Chronicles: 04/12/21

I fully expected to be a long day. As such, I made very few plans. I pared down my to-do list to the essentials, and I slept for an extra hour. I’m glad I did.

We got the kids grade cards today. No was not happy with my son’s grades but I was too tired to deal with it. The way I figure it, there are only a few weeks left in the semester, and I’m just trying to make it through these last few weeks.

The kids got out of school right about the time I normally take a lunch. That lead to some schedule mismatches, but we made it through. In fact, that’s been how I feel about the entire last year. We are making it through.

Have a good night.

Corona Chronicles: 04/13/21

Everything was hard today. I tried really hard though, and I’m only hoping the Lord will bless my efforts.

today, I got a call from the elementary school, asking if I wanted to either bring my son to school for state testing, or opt out. Shortly after that call, I received news that the big kids high school has it’s third Covid case. This news made my decision about state testing super easy. Besides that, I don’t think that they should be testing these kids anyway.I cannot imagine that the scores will be good after a year of staring into laptop screens and tablets.

there were no fun family activities today. It was taking all I had in me to hold myself together. The kids want to make their own soda. I don’t have the slightest clue where to buy brewer’s yeast, or where to get actual soda extract. It actually sounds messy and gross, so I will probably break down and do it at some point.

I just caught the baby in the kitchen trying to make her own hot’s late, and I’m tired. I’m praying these kids don’t burn down my kitchen or slice of any appendages while I’m sleep. Goodnight!

Corona Chronicles 04/12/21

It wasn’t a bad day for a Monday. I had a ton on my agenda and I managed to get most of it done.

Hubby managed to contract a virus on his computer, and he thinks he’s coming down with a cold. Since he got hit with a double whammy, that meant mom got stuck with double duty. I tried my best. That’s really all I can do.

The big kid is working on a script for Kwanzaa. That’s right. My kid is trying to get her holiday production together already. The okay will feature her and her entire generation of cousins. I am positive it’s going to be the highlight of the whole event.

The two little ones keep recording videos of themselves as if they had a YouTube channel. I’m going to break down and allow them to get one eventually, but I will have full creative control. I’m not sure what would happen if I left those two to their own devices.

Yesterday, one of my Walgreens clearance finds was a box of Harry Potter jelly beans. I bought them because my husband likes Harry Potter. I didn’t realize it was just a box of Beanboozled Jelly Beans. So of course, we took the challenge. I lucked out and got fruity flavors both times. The big girl was lucky two. The little ones each got one good flavor and one of the nasty ones. Hubby, on the other hand wound up with both laundry soap and grass clippings. He did not have a good reaction…and it was his idea to do this.

Anyway, I wanted to give thanks to KU GearUP for providing dinner for my crew today. It was well organized and much appreciated.

I’m going to bed with a full belly.

Have a good night!

Corona Chronicles: 04/11/21

It’s after 10:00pm and we are still doing homework. How’s your weekend going?

I now realize that this is my fault. I spoiled these children. I let them get away with minimal work and responsibility, and in doing so I created more work and responsibility for myself. Now I am exhausted, and they can’t figure out why I’m so upset.

We took a short break from homework to play family games. (I found a board game on clearance at Walgreens for $1.99) My son used the word “agile” correctly. My husband kept giving the kids clues that I understood, but that the children did not. It was hilarious. He followed the game directions about as well as the kids follow my directions. We tried to play a second game that was more fantasy based, but it was way too complicated. We quit after each of us had one turn.

One of my goals today was to comb everybody’s hair. Nobody’s hair got done. Honestly, I’m not sure what got done today. I tried. Hopefully, I get credit for that.

Corona Chronicles 04/10/2021

Today was only slightly better than yesterday, and that’s mainly because I did not have a medical appointment.

The boy is spending the whole weekend doing homework. He has seven worksheets he still needs to complete. Currently, he’s wrestling with his little sister. He’s going to be miserable tomorrow when I wake him up, just to do homework. I normally let him sleep.

The big kid spent the day reading the rules of her new board game. She wanted to start it tonight, but it’s too late. So tomorrow, the entire family will sit down to play a game that I have very little chance of understanding. The kids are going to gang up on me, and I’m going to lose badly.

The baby injured herself twice before noon. The first time she spilled oatmeal all over my floor. The second time she busted her lip. I’m sure another injury is going to happen as a result of the aforementioned wrestling match.

I’m currently hiding in the basement. I should have brought snacks.

Have a good night!

Corona Chronicles: 04/09/21

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend got off to a better start than mine.

My day started and ended with crap!! I am so disgusted that I won’t even share all the details, but I will give you an overview. There were internet issues, a mess in multiple rooms, a doctor’s appointment. The kids managed to tick me off before 9:00am. That makes for a long day!!

Anyway, pray for the little Radfords. They have a long tough weekend ahead of them. Pray for their parents, too. Send wine and/or desserts, if so inclined.

Good night.